Dear Parent/Guardian & Students,

We are excited to welcome you to the start of the 2022-2023 school year again! We have a lot to look forward to this year! We have prepared this letter to inform you of Harmony’s policies and procedures as they relate to your students’ attendance and academic success. Below are a few things to help you get ready:

  • First Day: As announced earlier, the first day of school has been moved back to Aug 29th, 2022. Until further notice, we will begin our first day at 8:00am on Monday, August 29th. All students should report to campus on time each day to ensure they do not miss any learning time. School phone number is the same and that is 281-302 6445, and school new address is 13738 Old Richmond Road. Sugar Land, Texas 77498.
  • Contact Info: Do we have the correct phone number, email, and mailing address for you? Update your contact info at your Skyward Account.

  • Attendance: When your student is absent from school, parents are asked to inform the school. This contact can be made through Skyward using the Guardian Entrance Absence Request. This request allows the parent to submit an absence request directly to the campus Attendance Specialist through the parent’s Skyward Family Access. Once the request has been submitted, the Attendance Specialist will approve or deny the request. This action must be taken by the parent for each absence.

  • We’re here to help: If we can help with things like devices, meals, health and mental health, or anything else, check our website at or call our campus to direct to related personnel for guidance.

  • How to access Harmony Portal: Last but not least, please read below important reminders and click on the links to watch the videos explaining how to access Harmony Portal. Once students get access to Harmony Portal, they will have access to all other resources such as Student Emails, Schoology, Skyward, etc. Please follow these steps to ensure you have access before Monday August 29, 2022.

Special Note For Dismissal:

     We are still working on dismissal plan diligently with authorities and will send you specific layout for dismissal only soon. These are some quick assistance we ask for;
  • Car pooling especially for first week of school since clubs will start on September 6th.
  • Please follow the instructions given by authorities,
  • Please be patient and mindful and respect each other,
  • Please read the dismissal map will be sent soon.
  • Please do not leave your vehicle unattended, or block the way. There will be towing company for this kind of situation.
  • No parking permits will be issued to our students for the first week of our school.
Dr.Besli, Principal