How to get Schoology Parent Access Code

Please check this link to get your Parent access code: >>>>HSI-Houston Parent Access


Written Direction: HSI-Houston Schoology 

Parents’ Frequently Asked Questions about Schoology

I already have Skyward, why do I need Schoology?

Skyward Family Access is our parent application for viewing and monitoring student’s official grades and attendance. Schoology is our learning management system, it’s like our online classroom. When students have learning activities in Schoology you can see the actual task your child completed. Not all learning activities and assignments are done in Schoology some are still done with pen and paper.

Does Schoology have a mobile app?

Yes. The Schoology app is available for download from the Apple App Store, Android App Google play or Amazon app on kindle fire.

Who do I contact when I need help?

Email our IT Manager at

Can I Setup My Notifications?

Schoology allows you to setup your notifications to customize your Schoology experience and receive updates about your child’s grades and activity in Schoology. Don’t forget to add your phone number to receive customized push notifications.

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