We're Hiring

We're Hiring

Harmony Public Schools is recruiting talented, compassionate bilingual teachers dedicated to helping every student succeed. Harmony offers a competitive salary, excellent benefits and a commitment to excellence in the classroom.

Interested applicants may apply online.

In accordance with United States Code (U.S.C.) Annotated, Title 20, Chapter 70, Subchapter VIII, Part C, Section 7846, and Public Law (P.L.) 114-95, Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), Section 8306, an entity planning to submit a federal grant application must afford a reasonable opportunity for public comment on the application before it is submitted.

Harmony Public Schools hereby gives notice to the public that it intends to file the following applications and request awarded amounts for federal grant funds with the Texas Education Agency for the school year 2022-23. HPS welcomes comments or questions concerning any of these grants, and requests that any comments or questions be submitted by June 30, 2022 using the form below.

En concordancia con United States Code (U.S.C.) Annotated, Title 20, Chapter 70, Subchapter VIII, Part C, Section 7846, and Public Law (P.L.) 114-95, Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), Section 8306, una entidad que planea presentar una solicitud de subvención federal (subsidio) debe brindar una oportunidad razonable para comentarios públicos. Las siguientes son las subvenciones federales que

Harmony Public Schools por la presente notifica al público que tiene la intención de presentar las siguientes solicitudes y solicitar los montos otorgados para fondos de subvenciones federales con la Agencia de Educación de Texas para el año escolar 2022-23. HPS agradece los comentarios o preguntas sobre cualquiera de estas subvenciones y solicita que los comentarios o preguntas se envíen antes del 30 de junio de 2022 mediante este Google form.

Attention Parents,

You are invited to attend Harmony Public Schools Houston South/West Districts’ 2022-2023 District Improvement Plan Meeting on Friday, April 8, 2022 from 1:00 P.M. – 3:00 P.M.

Please RSVP by filling out this form to receive a Zoom link.


Attention Parents,

You are invited to attend Harmony Public Schools Houston South/West Districts’ Comprehensive Needs Assessment meetings for the 2022-2023 District Improvement Plan on Friday, March 11 & March 25 from 1:00 P.M. – 3:00 P.M.

Please RSVP by filling out this form to receive a Zoom link.

Harmony Public Schools Houston South & West Districts are hosting an in-person event to assist parents in helping their children who are dyslexic or struggling with reading. Parents will receive information and engage in hands-on activities during this workshop.

Please register by March 7 to ensure adequate seating:


Math Teacher (Houston, TX)

Job Duties:
Prepare appropriate curriculum and annual plan to submit to the administration for approval.
Teach secondary school students in the subject of Mathematics; apply the curriculum as
prepared and approved; keep attendance records; assign lessons; administer tests to evaluate
students’ progress; and maintain discipline in the classroom. Create lesson plans, correct
homework, and evaluate teacher-made tests. Prepare tests to evaluate students’ progress,
record the results, and issue reports to inform parents of progress. Contact parents to offer
positive reinforcement regarding social and academic achievements the students make.

Bachelor’s degree in Math or Math Education and 1 year of experience as Math Teacher at
middle or high school level. Teaching experience must be full-time as a teacher of record (not
substitute) at general education setting (not special population).

How to Apply:
Mail resumes to:
Attn: HR Dept, Harmony Public Schools
9321 W Sam Houston Pkwy S Houston, TX 77099
Refer to Ad#MA

Dear Students,

Your voice matters in your school and Harmony Public Schools. That’s why we’re asking you to speak up in our School Quality Survey!

The survey asks for feedback on student and academic support, safety and behavior, school leadership, and family involvement. We’ll use the results to better understand and support you.

You will have an opportunity to take the survey at school using your student ID. Please answer honestly because your responses are strictly confidential. We’re partnering with independent research and communications firm K12 Insight to administer the survey and compile the results. No one from the district will know how you respond.

Click to the following link to take the survey:

Secondary Student Survey:


*All students in grades 6-12 can access the survey through the link above. They will enter their student ID number to complete the survey.



Each school year, thousands of families submit their application to become a part of Harmony Public Schools.

Here’s how we select applicants for enrollment each year to make sure each applicant has an equal opportunity to become our next high-achieving Harmony scholar.


Each January, we ask current families to let us know if they’ll be coming back to Harmony next year. This is called “Re-Enrollment.”


Based on the number of students returning next year and the number of classes in each grade level, we determine how many open spots we will have for new students.


Meanwhile, new families are submitting their applications during our annual Open Enrollment season, which runs from November 1 through February 10 each year.


After February 10, if the number of new applicants is greater than the number of available spots we have, Harmony holds a “blind lottery” to make sure all applicants have a fair opportunity to be seated.


Families of students selected for enrollment are notified. Those not selected are put on a “waitlist” and contacted as soon as a spot opens up.

… and that’s it!

Here are some answers to our applicants’ most frequently asked questions.


Not always, but often.

Whether a lottery is needed is determined by the number of spots available at each grade level and the number of eligible applicants interested in them.


Most importantly, we need you to officially accept the spot (a link will be provided on the acceptance letter). Then, between now and next fall, you’ll need to officially register your child and provide a few documents verifying their identity and home address.

After that, we’ll see you on the first day of school!

(Note: If you were accepted by more than one campus, please register at your preferred campus and decline the invitation of any others. This will allow us to offer those spots to another prospective Harmony family.)


Absolutely – so don’t give up hope! Students initially placed on a waitlist are given the opportunity to enroll all the time at Harmony, often for one of the following reasons:

  • A student who was initially selected in the lottery didn’t completion registration by the deadline.
  • A student who was initially selected in the lottery moved away.
  • A student was selected by two schools in the lottery, but of course could only register at one.
  • We added an an extra class at the grade level for which you applied.
  • One of our nearby campuses had an opening,
    and reached out to see if you were interested in attending there.

More Questions?

Reach out to us on Let’s Talk to let us know how we can help!

Please join us for the Harmony Public Schools S/W District Safety Meeting on Tuesday, February 15, 2022, at 2:00 P.M.

Zoom Link: https://harmonytx.zoom.us/j/81807156107?pwd=eEhHNG50aDJuMFNlQm9rRTBDS0J0QT09

After giving across-the-board pay raises to full-time teachers and campus staff earlier this school year, Harmony Public Schools will now be giving pay raises to all levels of substitute teachers.
The daily rate increase goes into effect February 14. The increase was approved unanimously by the Harmony Public Schools Board of Directors on January 29. Under the rate increase, substitute teachers will earn an extra $20-30 per day on top of the already-competitive Harmony rate.
For a teacher only working a few days per week, the increase will mean a few hundred dollars each month on top of the compensation they already earn. For certified teachers and long-term substitutes, the rate increase could mean up to $600 per month in increased pay (see chart above for rates for each position).
“Each day, substitute teachers are making a major impact on our schools by keeping our students on-track and learning when their regular teachers are unable to attend school,” Harmony CEO Fatih Ay said. “These professionals are important members of our school community, and we want to show our thanks.”
Harmony currently has substitute teaching opportunities at all of its campuses statewide.
Earlier this school year, Harmony also announced $4,000-$7,500 in additional annual compensation for teachers and other school staff.
The increase was the third occasion in the past two school years in which Harmony announced a major improvement to employee compensation and benefits.
In January 2021, Harmony announced a sweeping upgrade of its employer-paid benefits that provided free vision and dental plans to all full-time employees, introduced matching retirement plan contributions for 403(b) and (457(b) participants, and increased life insurance payouts from $20,000 to $100,000.
In Summer 2019, Harmony also announced statewide base pay increases for employees ranging from $3,500-$5,000, as well as additional stipends for teachers working in hard-to-staff subjects.
Harmony Public Schools is a Texas-born, Texas-wide public charter school system with campuses serving PreK-Grade 12 students in 23 cities across the state, including Greater Houston, DFW, San Antonio, Austin, El Paso, Waco, Lubbock, Odessa, Bryan, Beaumont, and the Rio Grande Valley. Harmony’s curriculum places a heavy focus on STEM skills, Character Education, project-based learning, and college readiness.
Harmony Public Schools is currently accepting applications for the 2022-2023 school year for both students and team members.
About Harmony Public Schools
Harmony Public Schools are 58 high performing PreK-12 college preparatory charter schools throughout Texas. Harmony blends the highest standards and expectations, with a rigorous math- and science-centered curriculum and dedicated and engaged teachers and families to cultivate excellence and prepare students to succeed in college, careers and life. At Harmony Public Schools, we believe every child can succeed, and we are committed to helping them realize their full potential. To learn more about Harmony Public Schools and our 58 campuses across Texas, please visit: www.harmonytx.org, and follow us on Twitter at @HarmonyEdu and ‘Like’ us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/HarmonyTexas.

Harmony Science & Engineering Fair (H-SEF) is an annual science fair that brings together middle and high school students across the Harmony network who have engaged in advanced research projects all year long. Majority of H-SEF finalists are award winners in their regional science fairs within their local communities. H-SEF aims to promote STEM through advanced research among secondary students and increase their interest and motivation to pursue STEM careers. 

H-SEF 2022 will be in person at the Harmony Public Schools Central Office in Houston and it is open to all Harmony middle and high school students.  

Below you will find H-SEF rules and guidelines along with the event timeline.

H-SEF 2022 Information


H-SEF 2022 Registration Link

H-SEF 2022 (In Person)

January 2022 – H-SEF announcement and flyers shared with HPS schools

January 17, 2022 – Application process begins

March 4, 2022 – Student registration deadline.

March  7-31 2022 – Review process begins and Pre-qualification decisions made

March  28 2022 – April 1 2022 – Qualification Emails sent to students

April 23, 2022 –H-SEF 2022 Judging and Award Ceremony (In Person)

For questions reach out to your campus science fair coordinator or principal.

Dear Parent:

Harmony School of Innovation Houston is sharing this information about the district and your child’s campus with you as part of its obligations under the federal Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 (ESSA).

Federal Report Cards for the state, the district, and each of the district’s campuses are now available on the district’s website at this link: or are also available on the Texas Education Agency’s website at: https://tea.texas.gov/Finance_and_Grants/Grants/Federal_Report_Card/.

2021 Campus Federal Report Card

 Information Included on Federal Report Card-English

 Information Included on Federal Report Card-Spanish

Estimado Padre:

Harmony School of Innovation Houston está compartiendo información sobre el distrito y el plantel de su hijo con usted como parte de las obligaciones que tiene bajo la Ley federal Every Student Succeeds Act de 2015 (ESSA, por sus siglas en inglés).

Los Reportes de Informe Federal para el estado, el distrito y cada uno de los planteles del distrito ya están disponibles en el sitio web del distrito:  o también están disponibles en el sitio web  de la Agencia de Educación de Texas en: https://tea.texas.gov/Finance_and_Grants/Grants/Federal_Report_Card/.

Esta es la información incluida en la cartilla de calificaciones:

Parte (i): Descripción general del Sistema de Contabilidad del Estado de Texas

El 6 de abril de 2021, el Departamento de Educación de EE. UU. (USDE, por sus siglas en inglés) excluyó la responsabilidad, la identificación de escuelas, y requisitos de informes para el año escolar 2020-21.  La exención incluye las disposiciones de las cartillas de calificaciones en la sección 1111 (h)(1)(C)(i)(I)-(IV) y (VI) (descripción del sistema de responsabilidad, que no sea la lista de escuelas de apoyo comprensiva, apoyo dirigido, y apoyo adicional dirigido específico).

Los campus identificados para recibir apoyo bajo la Ley Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) para el año escolar 2021-22:

Parte (ii): Logro Estudiantil por Nivel de Competencia

Esta sección proporciona información sobre el logro académico de los estudiantes en el examen STAAR (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness por sus siglas en inglés) para matemáticas, ELA (Artes del lenguaje inglés)//lectura y ciencias por nivel de grado y nivel de competencia para el año escolar 2020–21.  Estos resultados incluyen a todos los alumnos evaluados, independientemente de si estaban en el subconjunto de responsabilidades.

Parte (iii) (I): Crecimiento académico

El USDE excluyó los requisitos de informes en la Sección 1111(h)(1)(C)(iii)(I) (resultados de otros indicadores académicos para escuelas que no son escuelas secundarias).

Parte (iii) (II): Tasa de graduación

Esta sección proporciona información sobre las tasas de graduación de la escuela secundaria de la clase de 2019.

Parte (iv): Dominio del idioma inglés
Esta sección proporciona información sobre el número y el porcentaje de estudiantes como aprendices de inglés (EL, por sus siglas en inglés) que logran el dominio del idioma inglés debido a datos del 2021 Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS).

Parte (v): Calidad escolar o éxito estudiantil (SQSS por sus siglas en inglés)
Esta sección proporciona información sobre el otro indicador de la calidad de la escuela o el éxito de los estudiantes, que es la preparación para la universidad, profesión y el servicio militar (CCMR por sus siglas en inglés) para las escuelas secundarias y la tasa de rendimiento promedio de los tres niveles de desempeño STAAR de todos los estudiantes, independientemente de si estaban en el subconjunto de rendición de cuentas, para las escuelas primarias y secundarias sin una tasa de graduación.

Parte (vi): Estado de cumplimiento de metas
El USDE excluyó los requisitos de informes en la Sección 1111(h)(1)(C)(vi) (el progreso hacia el cumplimiento de las metas a largo plazo y las mediciones del progreso intermedio).

Parte (vii): Participación STAAR
Esta sección proporciona el porcentaje de estudiantes evaluados y no evaluados para matemáticas, ELA (Artes del lenguaje inglés)/lectura y ciencias.

Parte (viii): Datos de derechos civiles
Parte (viii)(I) La sección proporciona información de las encuestas del Collección de Datos de Derechos Civiles (CRDC, por sus siglas en inglés)  2017-18, presentadas por los distritos escolares a la Oficina de Derechos Civiles, sobre medidas de calidad escolar, clima y seguridad, incluidos los recuentos de suspensiones escolares, expulsiones, detenciones relacionadas con la escuela, denuncias a las autoridades, ausentismo crónico (incluyendo ausencias justificadas e injustificadas), incidencias de violencia, incluyendo abuso y acoso.

Parte (viii)(II) Esta sección proporciona información de las encuestas del CRDC 2017-18, enviadas por los distritos escolares a la Oficina de Derechos Civiles sobre el número de estudiantes inscritos en programas preescolares y cursos acelerados para obtener crédito postsecundario mientras todavía están en la escuela secundaria.

Parte (ix): Datos de calidad de los maestros
Esta sección proporciona información sobre las cualificaciones profesionales de los maestros, incluida la información desglosada por las escuelas de alta y baja pobreza sobre el número y porcentaje de (I) maestros, directores y otros líderes escolares inexpertos; (II) maestros que enseñen con credenciales de emergencia o provisionales; y (III) maestros que no estén enseñando en la materia o campo para el cual el maestro está certificado o licenciado.

Parte (x): Gasto por alumno

Esta sección proporciona información sobre los gastos por alumno de los fondos federales, estatales y locales, incluidos los gastos de personal y no de personal, desglosados por fuente de fondos, para cada distrito y plantel por el año fiscal anterior.

Se actualizará antes del 30 de junio de 2022.

Parte (xi): Participación en STAAR Alternate 2
Esta sección proporciona información sobre el número y porcentaje de estudiantes con las discapacidades cognitivas más significativas que toman STAAR Alternate 2, por grado y materia para el año escolar 2020-21.

Parte (xii): Evaluación Nacional Estatal del Progreso Educativo (NAEP por sus siglas en ingles)
Esta sección proporciona resultados sobre las evaluaciones académicas estatales en lectura y matemáticas en los grados 4 y 8 de la Evaluación Nacional del Progreso Educativo, en comparación con el promedio nacional de dichos resultados del 2019.

Parte (xiii): Tasa de grupos de graduados inscritos en educación postsecundaria
Esta sección proporciona información sobre la tasa de grupo a la que los estudiantes que se graduaron de la escuela secundaria en el año 2018-19 que se inscribieron en el año académico 2019-20 en (I) una institución publica de educación postsecundaria en Texas; (II) una institución privada de educación postsecundaria en Texas; y (III) una institución de educación postsecundaria fuera de Texas.

Parte (xiv): Información Adicional – Ausentismo Crónico
Esta sección proporciona información sobre el ausentismo crónico según la definición de EDFacts: porcentaje de la cantidad no duplicada de estudiantes K-12 inscritos en una escuela por al menos 10 días y ausentes por 10% o más días durante el año escolar 2019-20.


Paul Ryan

2021 Campus Federal Report Card

Information Included on Federal Report Card-English

Information Included on Federal Report Card-Spanish

In accordance with the Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted/Talented students, Harmony Public Schools will begin taking referrals for all interested students in grades K-12 for Gifted and Talented (G/T) screening.
Anyone interested in the educational welfare of these students may nominate them for assessment. Students in grades 1 & up who were tested in Fall 2021 are not eligible to test in Spring 2022. Referral forms are available at the front office and on the school’s website (see below).
The referral forms must be returned or emailed to the front office by January 31, 2022. The Spring GT testing window is set by the campus in February or March. Campuses may elect to use NWEA MAP scores as a prescreening criterion for GT Testing.
For more information about the screening and identification process, parents may contact the school’s GT Coach/teacher.
De acuerdo con el Plan Estatal de Texas para la Educación de Estudiantes Dotados / Talentosos, Harmony Public Schools comenzará a tomar referencias para todos los estudiantes interesados en los grados K-12 para la evaluación de estudiantes dotados y talentosos.
Cualquier persona interesada en el bienestar educativo de estos estudiantes puede nominarlos para dicha evaluación. Los estudiantes en los grados 2 y superiores que fueron evaluados en el otoño de 2020 no son elegibles para la prueba en la primavera de 2021. Los formularios de referencia están disponibles en la oficina y en el sitio web de la escuela.
Los formularios de referencia deben devolverse a la oficina de la escuela antes del lunes 31 de enero del 2022.
Para obtener más información sobre el proceso de selección e identificación, los padres pueden comunicarse con el entrenador / maestro de GT de la escuela.

Re-Enrollment for current Harmony families who plan to return next school year is January 4-28, 2022.

Re-Enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year for Harmony families begins soon.

During this time of year each January, we ask families to complete a simple, online Re-Enrollment process, letting us know they’ll be joining us for another great year of learning and fun next school year, which starts in August 2022.

This simple step allows us to make sure each current student’s spot at Harmony is reserved for the following school year, and assess how many new student seats we have available for other applicants.

Re-Enrollment at Harmony Public Schools runs January 4-28, 2022. Look for more details in your email inbox, via Skyward, or on our Facebook page soon.

In the meantime, check out these 6 things families need to know about Re-Enrollment at Harmony Public Schools.

#1 – When is Re-Enrollment season?

For the 2022-2023 school year, re-enrollment will be January 4-28, 2022.

#2 – How do I apply for Re-Enrollment?

The preferred method for re-enrollment is through the student’s online Skyward account. (A link to Skyward can be found at the top of your campus homepage or you can simply click here.). Parents without internet and/or Skyward access may also request a paper re-enrollment option from their child’s campus.

#3 – What is the difference between Re-Enrollment and Open Enrollment?

Re-enrollment is intended for current Harmony students planning to stay at their current campus the following school year, or who will naturally feed upward to a new campus (e. from elementary to nearby middle school). Open Enrollment is for new students, or current students who wish to change Harmony campuses for personal reasons (ex. transferring to a campus closer to home).

#4 – If a student plans to stay at the same school next year, are they automatically guaranteed re-enrollment if they complete the re-enrollment process before the deadline?

Yes, so long as their family completes the re-enrollment process.

#5 – What happens if a parent does not submit their re-enrollment information before the deadline?

If a parent misses the deadline to complete the re-enrollment process, then the student will lose his/her reserved space for next school year and must apply during Open Enrollment, held November 1-February 10 each school year. To apply, visit www.HarmonyTX.org/Apply.

#6 – What does a Harmony parent need to do if they would like to stay with Harmony, but transfer to a different campus for the next school year?

If a parent would like to change Harmony campuses for the following school year, they must submit an application for the desired school at www.HarmonyTX.org/Apply.